In brief: I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Haifa, Israel. In 2018-2019 I was a visiting scholar at the State University of New York at Albany as a Marie Curie Fellow. My educational experience includes working in the post-Apartheid school system of South Africa as a US Peace Corps volunteer, leading an urban NYC high school community of learners as a math teacher and assistant principal, and directing several peace education initiatives among Arabs and Jews in Israel. The focus of my research is on humanistic learning communities, whose design is intended to foster transformative change by merging person-centered aims and activities with collective knowledge building goals. I currently serve as the co-chair of the ISLS education committee and director of the University of Haifa LINKS Future Learning Spaces. I was recently (May 2019) awarded the Mordechai Nisan Early Career Research Award in Education. 

Current activities
Assistant Professor: I am currently a lecturer (Asst. Professor) within the University of Haifa, Faculty of Education. I direct the 'Future Learning Spaces' center, which is housed within the Faculty of Education and is part of the LINKS I-CORE Center. I am a co-PI on grant sponsored by the Israeli Science Foundation and Ministry of Education entitled "Taking Citizen Science to School". 

Marie Curie Global Fellowship from the European Commission: I am spending the 2018-2019 academic year at SUNY Albany as a visiting scholar as part of this fellowship. 

Past activities

Post-doctoral studies: I have studied under the supervision of Prof. Yael Kali during a post-doctoral period from 2015-2016. During this period, I developed the conceptualization of Future Learning Spaces and I engaged in numerous academic activities, both domestic and international. 

Doctoral studies: I have completed my doctorate (Dec 2015) at the University of Haifa, within the education technologies program, under the academic supervision of Prof. Dani Ben Zvi. My dissertation dealt with learning communities, and particularly with 2 questions: 1) how do newcomers develop their learning community practices? and 2) What can theories of group development tell us about the way learning communities develop? I have published two articles on these questions based on empirical data found in my doctoral research. 

Project director: I am the former director (2011-2012) of the Digital Cities Project, a co-existence program funded by Cisco with the goals of bridging the digital gap between Nazareth and Nazareth-Illit. This program brought together teachers and administrators from the predominantly Arab and Jewish cities, respectively, to create a joint professional learning community. 

Assistant Principal and teacher: I am a former mathematics teacher, technology coordinator, and assistant principal at Vanguard High School, in New York City. Vanguard belongs to the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), an organization dedicated to organizing schools as learning communities. This is where I learned a great deal about learning, and was a big part of the inspiration for my doctoral studies. 

US Peace Corps Volunteer: I am a former U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer (South Africa, 2000-2002) where I helped the Nhlazatje/Tjakastad community integrate the nationwide Outcomes Based Education plan. I also worked with youth groups there on HIV/AIDS prevention. You can read an article that was published in the Times Beacon Record about my experience, and see photos I took on my flickr account.

Formal education

Post-Doctoral Studies
Learning in the NetworKed Society (LINKS) Israeli Center for Research Excellence (I-CORE), 
Supervision: Prof. Yael Kali. 

The University of Haifa, Department of Learning, Instruction and Teacher Education, Educational Technologies Program, 2011-2014
Supervision: Prof. Dani Ben-Zvi
Awards: Research Excellence Scholarship & Faculty of Education Leading Doctoral Candidate

Certification in Group Dynamics in Organizations
University of Haifa, Israel, 2013-2014

School Administration and Supervision Certification 
Hunter College, New York, NY. 2006-08 
Certified School and District Building Leader - GPA 3.98 /4.0 

M.Sc. Math Education 7-12 
City College of the City of New York, NY. 2003-05 
Certified 7-12 Math Teacher - GPA 3.93 /4.0 

B.A. Psychology 
State University of New York at Buffalo, NY. 1996-2000 
President, Psi Chi Honors Society in Psychology - Graduated Cum Laude 
Elected to represent 26,000 students on University Council, 1998-99

  • International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS), 2012 - current
  • American Education Research Association (AERA), 2015 - 2016
  • Israeli Internet Association (ISOC-IL), 2012 - 2014
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), 2004 - 2006